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Meet Your Best Ally at Your Family Dentist in Satellite Beach

January 21, 2019

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female dental assistantThe secret to a healthy smile relies on your home oral hygiene habits and the care you get from your family dentist in Satellite Beach. Although the services you receive from your dentist are important, there is another dental professional by your side to help you achieve a healthy smile. Dental assistants are invaluable to your oral health. Their daily responsibilities not only allow the office to run smoothly but also aid the quality of the services you receive from your dentist.

What is a Dental Assistant?

It is often believed dental assistants and hygienists are the same, but they have different duties. A hygienist works with patients to provide comprehensive semi-annual cleanings. A dental assistant works directly for the dentist to help during procedures.

This requires them to undergo training through an accredited program, which can take 9 months to 2 years. Upon completion, they receive a certificate, diploma, or degree. After they finish the program, they must pass the required certification process to become a practicing dental assistant.

How Does a Dental Assistant Help Me?

When visiting your dentist in Satellite Beach, your dental assistant is crucial to your treatment, comfort, and safety. They handle a variety of day-to-day tasks throughout the office, including:

  • Prepare instruments for your treatments and procedures.
  • Greet you and walk you to your exam room.
  • Assist the dentist during procedures by handing them the necessary instruments.
  • Handle lab procedures, like those needed for taking impressions, cleaning oral appliances, or processing orders.
  • Provide you with aftercare and home instructions. They ensure you fully understand the instructions before you leave the office.
  • Update your dental records and other necessary administrative tasks.
  • Take x-rays for the dentist to view during your examination to look for issues that may be brewing beneath the surface.
  • Take impressions of your mouth for necessary treatments, like crowns, bridges, or mouthguards.
  • Create a sterile environment for infection control. As the key infection control officer, they work to keep you safe by sterilizing instruments and equipment that are needed to promote the health of your teeth and gums.
  • Update your medical and dental history before your contact with the dentist to alert them if extra precautions must be taken during any aspect of your care.

The duties change every day and from patient-to-patient; however, rest assured you are their top priority while in the dental chair.

Enjoy Compassionate Care

When it comes time to visit your dentist, your dental assistant will be there to help you achieve your oral health goals. They help to provide the compassionate care you need to maintain a healthy smile that lasts.

About Dr. Merrill A. Grant

Dr. Merrill A. Grant has provided complete dental care to the community for over 30 years. To help his patients achieve lasting oral health, he has a qualified and professional team of assistants and hygienists working along his side. From the moment you walk into the office, you will receive the personalized attention you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule your next appointment.

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