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Digital Imaging

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Many patients are unsatisfied with one or more aspects of their smiles, and the chips, cracks, and stains always seem to be staring them in the face. The solution is rarely as apparent. We welcome patients to explore our smile gallery in order to understand the potential results of their cosmetic or restorative treatment options. Dr. Merrill A. Grant offers an option that takes previewing results one step further – digital imaging. As part of a smile consultation, our team can capture digital images of patients’ smiles! We can also manipulate them to demonstrate the possible results of any number of cosmetic or restorative treatment options. You can even take images of your future smile home to share with friends and family members to get their feedback before making your final decision.

We use specialized dental software to demonstrate the possible outcome of any number of treatments, including bonding, veneers, Invisalign, or teeth whitening. We can quickly manipulate any aspect of treatment until we have a precise plan that patients feel completely comfortable with. Using your digital images, Dr. Grant and his team develop a step by step treatment plan that delivers patients’ desired results. No worries and no surprises. Contact our skilled team to find out more or schedule your cosmetic dentistry consultation today.

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