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Straighter Smiles with Modern Orthodontic Therapy

In the past, achieving a straighter smile meant wearing unsightly and uncomfortable metal braces – sometimes for years. Today, you have convenient, inconspicuous alternatives! Dr. Grant offers Invisalign clear braces and six-month braces to deliver straighter teeth and more attractive smiles.

Six-Month Braces®

A straighter smile can be yours in six months or less with this innovative system. Six Month Braces offers two ways to correct problems and straighten front teeth: lingual braces worn behind the teeth or clear brackets and thin wires placed on the front of teeth. Both methods exert gentle, continuous force to quickly produce results. If you're preparing for a big event or simply want a straighter smile in months instead of years, six-month braces may be right for you. Patients undergoing six month braces will visit our dental office about once a month for checks and adjustments. 

Both Invisalign and six-month braces are safe and effective, and they both produce fantastic results. We'll examine your smile and discuss your dental goals to determine which option is right for you.

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