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Six Month Braces®

In recent years, more and more adults have sought orthodontic treatment, but the thought of spending years with metal brackets and wires on their smiles deters them from seeking orthodontic treatment. Dr. Merrill A. Grant is happy to offer image conscious adult patients a cosmetically superior alternative – the six month smiles orthodontic system. These braces are similar to traditional braces, but the brackets and wires are crafted from clear or tooth-colored materials for a more subtle appearance throughout treatment.

These braces work quickly because they focus on just the teeth that are visible in the smile. Sometimes referred to as “the social six,” correcting just these teeth allows patients to get the flawless smile they desire quickly and comfortably. Additionally, patients only need to attend fewer, shorter appointments compared to traditional braces, saving them even more time during treatment.

Crooked, crowded, or oddly placed teeth can be a detriment to your sophisticated image, but what adult wants to wear braces for two years? With the Six Month Braces® technique, we can correct problems, straighten your front teeth, and give you a great smile in just months. Like the name states, most patients complete treatment in six months, some require even less time. If you’re interested in finding out more about six month braces and other orthodontic or cosmetic services, contact our Satellite Beach dentistry team to schedule a cosmetic consultation today. We offer both six month smiles and Invisalign orthodontics so patients can get the perfectly straight smiles of their dreams.

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