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Dan I have come to appreciate how important a great smile can be in every aspect of business. When I damaged my tooth and affected the appearance of my smile, I was fortunate that Dr. Grant was on hand with such great advice.

Janet Thanks to Dr. Grant, I have teeth that are healthy, let me eat anything I want, and look absolutely beautiful! Before I met Dr. Grant, I didn’t think I could have a smile a whole lot better than the one I had. He showed me otherwise, and now, when I look in the mirror, I see the smile I always wanted to have.

Janice What I really like is knowing that Dr. Grant’s work is so subtle and natural looking that no one notices I’ve done anything to my teeth. My family teases me about smiling so much now, and I look better in photographs! I thank Dr. Grant for his good advice and excellent work.

John I was confident in Dr. Grant’s skill and attention to detail because he’s quite the perfectionist. But what really amazed me is that I experienced no pain whatsoever. Dr. Grant’s work looks so natural that the difference in my appearance was so obvious to me but to everyone else was very subtle. This is the best my teeth have ever looked.


Lisa Dr. Grant is a perfectionist. He is an artist when it comes to dental work. And going to his office is like visiting a spa. Everyone is so positive and upbeat. I really enjoy going there. It’s very uplifting. Dental work isn’t supposed to be fun, but you just can’t help but to feel good. I was delighted with the entire experience.

Patsy Dr. Grant is definitely an artist in his own right. He and his staff worked very hard to make sure I got the results I envisioned. Now my teeth all match, they are perfectly straight and white, and I’m extremely thrilled. The veneers were very quick and painless. It’s such a relief, now I smile with confidence.


Sara I couldn’t be happier with my smile now. Dr. Grant has helped me feel more comfortable and confident not only in my work but also in my activities with theatre ensemble.


Tari The entire staff is embracing, encouraging and wonderful people. He is much more than a dentist. He knows exactly where to place a little edge or fine line. I was amazed, he is truly an artist. Your smile is the center of your face, and it’s an uplifting experience to walk out of the office and feel like you can give people a wide smile and know you look fabulous.


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