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Dental Technology

Putting Technology to Work for You

Dr. Grant stays current with modern dentistry to bring you an outstanding dental care experience. He uses state-of-the-art tools and methodologies for your comfort and safety, as well as for accurate and efficient diagnoses.

For Your Education

Dr. Grant wants you to be an informed partner in your dental care. During your checkup or new patient exam, he'll take pictures of your smile with an intraoral camera and display them on a chairside monitor. He'll use these images to explain his findings and suggested therapies, as well as to help you determine the best path to optimal oral health. For smile previews, we use digital imaging software or a wax representation of your teeth and gums.

For Diagnostic Accuracy

Our digital Panorex X-ray machine delivers a two-dimensional picture of teeth and supporting structures for precise diagnoses. This highly detailed image lets Dr. Grant see dental issues not easily identified with a visual or manual exam. The result is early intervention to eliminate potentially dangerous conditions.

Dr. Grant uses oral conscious sedation to calm the nerves of anxious patients. Oral sedation is safe and effective and lets patients comfortably receive the care they need for beautiful, lasting smiles.

Digital X-Rays

Instead of relying on traditional film, our Satellite Beach team has chosen to improve and simplify our patients’ dental care experiences with digital X-rays. This technology eliminates slow darkroom development altogether – instead, the detailed images of your smile we capture are instantly transferred to our computer system and available for viewing, magnification, and even educational color-coding. The amount of radiation patients are exposed to is significantly reduced as well through this method, making them much safer overall.

Call today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Grant. We deliver clinical excellence and quality care to satisfied patients in Satellite Beach and surrounding areas.

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