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Teeth Whitening – Satellite Beach, FL  

Professional Teeth Whitening for Brighter Smiles

Man sharing bright smile after teeth whiteningHas your smile lost its sparkle? Rekindle it with professional teeth whitening in Satellite Beach, FL. At our Satellite Beach dental office, we offer in-office and professional take-home bleaching to dramatically brighten teeth.

Dr. Grant uses Zoom! Whitening, the leading teeth whitening system, to lighten smiles up to eight shades in a single visit. He'll apply Zoom! Whitening gel to your teeth and activate it with a special light. The gel and light work together to melt stains and discolorations caused by food, beverages, tobacco, and aging. With Zoom! Whitening, you can have the stunningly white, eye-catching smile you've always wanted – in just over an hour!

We offer Opalescence professional home bleaching kits for patients who prefer to whiten gradually. Simply insert the professional-strength teeth whitening gel into custom-made trays and wear them as directed. You may see results after just one application, with your brightest smile emerging after a week to 10 days of use.

Call today to schedule your teeth whitening appointment with Dr. Grant. We deliver clinical excellence and quality care to satisfied patients in Satellite Beach and surrounding areas.

Teeth Whitening Frequently Asked Questions

Woman wonders about teeth whitening in Satellite Beach

Are you thinking about turning back the clock on your smile with teeth whitening in Satellite Beach? Below, we’ve gathered some of the most common questions Dr. Grant gets about achieving a dazzling smile. If you don’t see the answer you’re looking for below, or if you’re ready to schedule your consultation, give us a call today!

Does Teeth Whitening Work For Everyone?

Professional teeth whitening from your Satellite Beach dentist can brighten nearly anyone’s smile. However, there are some cases that can’t be addressed with this treatment. Stains that are the result of certain medications or overexposure to fluoride early in childhood typically can’t be corrected with teeth whitening. Thankfully, these situations can be remedied with beautiful porcelain veneers instead. During your consultation with Dr. Grant, you’ll both decide what the best choice is for your unique smile.

Will Teeth Whitening Make My Teeth Sensitive?

To lift the discoloration from your enamel, whitening agents make your teeth more porous, which can cause sensitivity. For up to 48 hours after your treatment, you may experience mild discomfort when consuming hot, cold, or sweet foods or drinks. Rest assured that teeth whitening treatments do not damage your teeth, and this somewhat uncomfortable symptom should subside on its own very quickly. If you’re typically prone to tooth sensitivity, tell Dr. Grant during your consultation. He’ll work with you to address any oral health issues that may be causing your discomfort and find a whitening solution that will help you achieve the beautiful smile you deserve as comfortably as possible.

What Foods/Drinks Can Stain My Teeth?

One of the best ways to prevent your smile from discoloring is to avoid stain-causing items in the first place. The main culprits are dark sauces, highly pigmented foods, and acidic beverages, like:

If you do choose to indulge in these snacks, try to drink plenty of water while enjoying them, rinse your mouth out afterwards, and brush your teeth after waiting for 30 minutes.

Does Charcoal Whitening Work?

One of the newest viral trends on the internet is charcoal teeth whitening. Despite its popularity, there are two big problems with this whitening method. First, there is no evidence that it actually works. Secondly, there is also no proof that this procedure is safe. Due to its highly abrasive nature and dark color, it may end up causing enamel damage, tooth sensitivity, and even a darkening of your teeth. Instead of gambling with the wellbeing of your smile, skip the charcoal whitening and see your dentist for a professional treatment instead.

How Long Will My Teeth Whitening Results Last?

While the results from a professional teeth whitening treatment are designed to last several years, the main determining factor is how well you take care of your smile. If you practice excellent at-home oral hygiene, avoid staining foods and drinks, and visit your dentist twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings, you can expect to get the maximum mileage out of your brilliant smile. Typically, you can enjoy your dazzling white smile for two to three years before needing a quick touch-up.

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